Once I noticed a young boy playing in the garden. I was amused at what I saw. At first when he fell down, he looked around to see if anyone was watching him. When he saw that there was no one, he immediately sprang up and continued to play. Later when he fell again he saw that his mother was looking at him in pity, he began crying.

This boy reminded me of Edison. Edison never gave up and he did not bother about failures. As children we all have fallen many times while learning to walk or cycle. Then we spring back with enthusiasm to continue what we are doing. However over the years our conditioning reduces the enthusiasm it takes to achieve our goals. As adults we begin to take our falls and cuts very seriously. We don’t like when people point our mistakes and don’t like to be reminded of our failures.

In fact we get to learn many lessons from our failures. Failures teach us to be gusty and persistent. History is witness to the fact that all successful people have failed their way to success. Education alone is not sufficient. One needs to have entrepreneurial qualities. Failure, taken in the right perspective teaches us just that. Combining Ethics with education and enterprise ensures that success is not short lived. Failure should be followed by reflection on its causes; working on them takes you on your road to SUCCESS!