Not Packed as we Expect!

Once there was a young man who was ready for his graduation. He was so attracted with a beautiful sports car. His father was rich and he knew that his father could very well afford him the car. So he spoke of his desire to his father and also gave him the dealer details where the car was available.
The young guy was very much expecting his father to present him the car of his desire.

On the graduation day father called his son into his private study. He told him how proud he was to have him as his son and handed over a wonderfully wrapped nice gift box. He told him "I love You My son".
The young man was curious and opened to see if it contained the keys of the car, rather he found a lovely leather-bound BIBLE. Since his expectations were broken he raised his voice against his father and shouted at him stating that he was mean to present just a BIBLE and left the house. The young man started living alone and some how managed to have a successful life. As the days passed he had his own family and a beautiful home, it was then he started thinking of his father who was growing old. He made a point to himself that he should meet his father, and apologize to him. It was then he received a message stating that his father had passed away. He rushed to his house to see his father lying dead. His father had willed all his possessions to this young man. On knowing this the young man felt really guilty. The young man came across the BIBLE that his father had given him on the graduation day. It was just as he had left it years ago. He opened the Bible and began to turn the pages.

He was going through the verse, a car key dropped from an envelope taped behind the BIBLE. It had a tag with the dealer's name mentioned by this young man. The tag carried his date of graduation and the words ---- PAID IN FULL.

How many times do we miss God's blessings because they are not packaged as we expected?